And 2019: what could/should happen next?

2018 was another year of uncertainty and a spreading feeling of insecurity. What could turn that round in 2019? Here are some thoughts:

My New Year hopes (contributions to the global stockpile of hope) are to do with:

  • The Korean peninsula and especially the US-DPRK part of the process (they need to listen better to each other);
  • Yemen, to implement the Hodeidah ceasefire properly and get the parties to sit down together again;
  • Syria, Libya and too many other countries, to get beyond chaos;
  • And on climate change – to respect the science and to set out to manage the unavoidable consequences of climate change and, by making progress on reducing carbon emissions, taking the first steps towards avoiding the unmanageable.*

There are many other things one could hope for, of course, starting with arms control. But these points were what occurred to me when I was asked the question.


  • Thanks, Gary Lewis of UNEP, for the formulation.



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