Headline thoughts on climate change, conflict risk and adaptation

It is an increasingly familiar argument that the consequences of climate change will interact with key features of the social, economic and political landscape of countries in such a way that, especially among the poorer countries in the world, the risk of violent conflict will rise significantly. The policy agenda for addressing this problem is a combination of peacebuilding and adaptation to climate change, both of them involving a combination of international support for nationally coordinated action that engages the participation and energy of ordinary people and communities. During the week of 8 to 12 June I was in Washington DC gauging how these issues are viewed there.

Here are some headline thoughts, recorded by the Environmental Change and Security Programe at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in DC in connection with a talk I gave for them: (click here). Go to the New Security Beat web-site (see my log roll on the lower right of this home page) for more.

2 thoughts on “Headline thoughts on climate change, conflict risk and adaptation

  1. Spot on. So what has been your impression of the view from Washington DC on these issues? Have the people/organisations you’ve met been receptive to a more systemic approach?

    PS. Just a small point – the hyperlink in your post is broken, so I had to cut and paste it in.

  2. I needed a couple of days to process thoughts on that. The metaphor that comes to mind is a waking giant, still brushing sleep from her eyes, so not quite seeing things clearly yet, and having missed an awful lot during a long and deep sleep. More on this in my next post which should be up in the next ltitle while. (And sorry about the link – I hope and think it’s fixed now.)

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