Rwanda – healing Fractured Lives

I am making an all too quick visit to Rwanda, primarily for International Alert‘s launch of the report and film, Fractured Lives. This project combines trauma counselling, dialogue and microfinancing in Rwandan villages as the country continues, often painfully, to grow out of the shadow of the mass killing and horrors of 1994 continues. The work has been brilliantly captured for Alert by award-winning photographer, Carol Allen Storey. The results are on show both in this slide show   

and in the exhibition featuring the same work and more – on for the next week and a bit at the SW 1 Gallery in Victoria, London.

Apart from the intrinsic interest of the subjects and the quality of the photographs, one of the most striking things about the film and exhibition is the way the photographs have cracked the problem of getting visual images for the process of building peace. War has always been photogenic – now we see how peacebuilding can be too.

4 thoughts on “Rwanda – healing Fractured Lives

  1. Excellent use of visual and written word to communicate your message. Do you have links to the trauma counseling methods used in the Dialog Clubs? I would be very interested in this as I continue to refine what I do when there.

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