Non-random questions

12 January 2021: Linking one aspect of the global environmental crisis to human rights via health, a Bangladeshi man has been saved from deportation back to Bangladesh because of the air pollution would seriously worsen his breathing problems. They think it’s a legal first in France. Is it a global legal first as well?

6 January 2021: This is one pro-Trump protestor during the counting of the Nevada vote in Las Vegas, 5 November 2020. Question: is it fair or unfair on pro-Trump protestors to display it? They don’t all look like this – e.g., the woman behind him.

4 January 2021: A new year. Again. Everybody is wondering, what happens now with the Covid-19 pandemic? I am especially wondering about the vaccines that have been so swiftly developed. The question is not just how effective they will be with a mutating virus (will there have to be new vaccine variants each year?). Nor is only a matter how fast the new vaccines can be produced and distributed. My main question is this: how heavily will the pattern of their distribution discriminate against the poor of the world?

Think about it

On average, the number of forcibly displaced people increases at a rate of 37,000 people per day.

The annual cost of violence worldwide is US$8.3 trillion.